They’re All Crooks

crookI try to make my blogs humorous, informative or interesting. However, ‘real life’ sometimes gets in the way. Such is the case in this instance.

Watching the national news on television is like watching a horror movie. If the earthquakes, floods and mass shootings aren’t enough, we wake up each morning only to find out that another committee has been formed in Congress to investigate one or more of our elected officials for inappropriate conduct. Continue reading


Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

burial-options-headerLiving in a retirement community down here in Florida, doesn’t stop me from facing reality every so often and the reality of the situation is that “I am closer to the end than to the beginning.” No decent parent wants to be a burden to his or her children in life and certainly not after death and so I have made arrangements for my funeral expenses to be prepaid and my body to be shipped back up north for burial. In that way, the decisions that my children will have to make, will be held to a minimum. Now comes the tough part – where up north do we ship Dad? Continue reading

Time Waits For No One

AgingAs the years go by and the year I was born gets further and further away on the calendar, there were certain times when my age became more and more relevant to me. I vividly remember when I turned 50, and it suddenly dawned on me that I am now considered middle aged. Then 60 came along and I remember being excited at the thought that I could finally retire in only two more years and before I knew it, I was 62 and a full-fledged senior citizen. Continue reading

A Word to the Wise

Generic 1960s pic of a father and son scene.Since the Good Lord has been kind enough to grant me long life, I feel it is my obligation to pass on to certain members of my family some of the wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. While my children (and my grandchildren) may know more about computers or how to program my VCR, I feel that I can still offer some worthwhile suggestions and advice on how they may avoid some of the pitfalls in life that may come their way in the future. Continue reading