And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

love-chocolateIn my last post, I described some of the insanity that takes place when the game of Bingo is played here. I also promised to tell you about something called ‘Chocolate Bingo’, so here goes. Chocolate Bingo is played exactly the same way that regular Bingo games are played. The only difference is that instead of some money going to the winner, he or she gets to choose from an assortment of chocolate candies as a reward. Some people have been complaining that the game is fixed because the overweight women are winning most of the time and they think that the caller might be in collusion with them. They think there is a cover up. Personally, I think that they have been watching too much Fox News these days. Continue reading

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

bingo-elderly-2Here in Florida, where there are more senior care facilities than there are hairs on your head, they all compete for your business once you reach retirement age. The way they do that is by telling you of the various amenities that their facility provides. Those facilities may include a swimming pool, (a MUST in this climate), either two or three meals a day, weekly housekeeping privileges, nightly entertainment, on site medical assistance, daily shuttle service into town and various daily activities. Those daily activities usually include games that do not require much physical activity, (remember we are talking elderly people here), such as Bean Bag baseball, Indoor Bocci Ball, Outdoor Horseshoe Pitching, (except during the hot summer months, when just holding a metal horseshoe might give you third degree burns), Board games like Checkers or Chess and any number of card games. The number one activity, of course, is Bingo which is scheduled on the nights when they don’t have an entertainer performing – usually 3 nights a week. The higher priced senior facilities can afford to bring in well known entertainers, while the less expensive facilities provide some local performers who are willing to play some music or sing a few songs for a smaller fee. Continue reading

A Word to the Wise

Generic 1960s pic of a father and son scene.Since the Good Lord has been kind enough to grant me long life, I feel it is my obligation to pass on to certain members of my family some of the wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. While my children (and my grandchildren) may know more about computers or how to program my VCR, I feel that I can still offer some worthwhile suggestions and advice on how they may avoid some of the pitfalls in life that may come their way in the future. Continue reading

Music makes the world go ‘round

oldmanlaughingWhenever seniors get together, you can almost bet that the discussions will include old movies, and old songs. Trying to remember the words to an old song is considered an accomplishment and anyone who still does, is considered a genius among his or her fellow seniors. A ‘biggie’ would be a song whose lyrics stump everyone and one that provides 3 or 4 different guesses as to what the right lyrics actually are. One such ‘biggie’ lately was “What is the next line to HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD? (If you want to know the answer, Google it) Continue reading

Live and Learn

Here in the Independent Living Facility in Florida, known as Sterling Court, there is no ‘reserved seating’ during mealtimes in our dining room. New residents are encouraged to sit at different tables from time to time, in order to become acquainted with other people and establish friendships. It’s a nice idea but, once you become attached to the people you seem to have most in common with, you tend to sit with those people all the time. Personally, as I have been circulating and becoming acquainted with people from different parts of the country and the world, I have learned many things from those people that I never knew before.

For example:
old-people-talking Continue reading