You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Pain-featured-image-0000When I was much younger, there was a phrase which stated, “Only two things are inevitable – death and taxes”. While I do know that there have been some people who have been able to cheat on paying their taxes, I know of no one who has ever been able to cheat Father Time. Yes, death is inevitable but I now believe that there is also one other thing that can be added to that short list of guarantees – PAIN. If one is fortunate enough to live to a ripe old age, then he or she will undoubtedly suffer pain, whether it be emotional or physical. Time may dilute emotional pains but the physical ones never seem to become extinct. Age seems to attract arthritis or neuropathy or sciatica or any number of other painful diseases. When I asked my doctor if there was any known cure for any of those sicknesses, his answer was plain and simple. He said, “As of today, there is no known cure – only treatment”. Maybe medical science might find a CURE one day in the future but right now, the pharmaceutical companies hold all the cards. How’s that for a kick in the head? Continue reading


It’s The Law

turnyourheadandcoughWhen you become a senior citizen and decide to move to Florida (that’s the law) to spend your retirement years, one thing is inevitable and that is that your calendar will now have ‘doctors visits’ scheduled on it throughout. It may be for a medical reason, a physical reason, a regularly scheduled checkup or for something that has sprung up down here like a plague – the ‘Pain Management’ doctor. You wake up in the morning and try to think of pretty flowers, butterflies and sunshine but your first few steps toward the bathroom makes you realize your true age and why you are in Florida. After your bathroom visit, you rush (who are you kidding?) to the medicine cabinet to look for your pain medication. Panic sets in when you realize that you only have one or two pills left and you start to look for your calendar to pencil in a call to the doctor so that he can renew the prescription. One such visit to a doctor happened to me lately. Continue reading

It’s All in a Name

sickWhen I was a teenager, my family had a doctor who was known to us as ‘The Family Doctor’. I guess that his medical title was a ‘G.P.’ He didn’t seem to have any particular specialty in medicine and he was the doctor that my mother called for every illness that the family had. The best part of it was that, when we needed him to, he came to the house. Anyone remember ‘House calls?’ My, how times have changed. If you were to call a doctor’s office today and ask the nurse “When can the doctor come over?” she will either tell you to call 911 or she will give you the number of the psychiatric division of the local hospital so that you can call them for treatment. Continue reading

Hello, New Friend

eating-chinese-foodWhen I was much younger, in my early 20’s, it was very easy for me to make new friends. Whether it was my neighbors, parents of my children’s friends, business associates or just my wife’s childhood friends, being a sociable person myself, I just had plenty of friends to choose from. As I’ve gotten older, especially at the latter stages of my life, I’ve found that I’ve become a bit more selective in choosing friends. Such was the case when I first met Jerry Stone. He became a resident here at my senior facility and was introduced to me at our dinner table. He was from Paterson, New Jersey, he liked sports, (he was a big Yankee fan) and thought that most politicians were crooks, so what more did I need in order to like him? We hit it off right away. Continue reading

What’s the problem?

Patient consulting a doctor in the hospitalWhen I get together with some of the other residents here at mealtimes, inevitably there are only three subjects that are discussed – politics, the weather or doctors. Since the weather is really unpredictable and politics seems to be unbelievable, I’ll talk about doctors.

I recently visited my primary care physician for my annual checkup. So that I wouldn’t waste my co-pay, I figured that I would find something to complain about. Continue reading

Birds of a Feather

changes_aheadWhen I first moved into this Independent Living Facility here in Florida, I realized that the life I knew before was about to change. I was about to give up some of the comforts and conveniences that had been part of my everyday life, as well as giving up some of the old friends who made my life so enjoyable. I was going to have to adapt to a new lifestyle and I was going to suddenly gain some new friends. At the time, it all seemed so depressing to me. After all, I enjoyed my old lifestyle and I loved my old friends. Continue reading

Been There, Done That

2000px-Puzzled.svgA common phrase these days, especially among seniors, is “been there, done that.” It conveys the thought that “I’ve experienced it all and there is nothing new that I can learn.” Well, I, for one, don’t agree. I learn something new every day. To be honest though, there are some questions that I could never learn the answers to, even at this late stage of my life. I’d like to throw a dozen at you to see if you might have the correct answers. Continue reading