Been There, Done That

2000px-Puzzled.svgA common phrase these days, especially among seniors, is “been there, done that.” It conveys the thought that “I’ve experienced it all and there is nothing new that I can learn.” Well, I, for one, don’t agree. I learn something new every day. To be honest though, there are some questions that I could never learn the answers to, even at this late stage of my life. I’d like to throw a dozen at you to see if you might have the correct answers. Continue reading


I Give Up!

question-marks-9When men get together at the senior care facilities here in Florida, the conversation generally turns to politics, sports or dirty jokes. Not everyone can tell a joke well and so those who can’t tell one or just don’t remember any, might resort to telling a riddle or two. Since none of us have any writers and we’ve been out of circulation for awhile, the riddles have probably been around the internet for awhile and you may have heard them before. Continue reading