Bargain Hunting

dollar-storesIt is almost impossible to go more that ½ mile in any direction down in South Florida, without seeing either a small strip mall or a large shopping center. It is even more impossible to go more that 2 or 3 miles without finding a Dollar Store, or a 99 Cent Store. Continue reading


Let My People Go

mosquitoThose of you who are students of the Bible, will recall the story in the Old Testament of the Jews Exodus from Egypt and how Moses, (or was it Charlton Heston?), had warned the Pharaoh of the 10 plagues that the Lord would bring upon the Egyptians if he doesn’t ‘Let my people go’. Well, during the summer months here in Florida, we have our own set of plagues that are inflicted upon us – EVERY year. They are, (and not necessarily in this order), 1) Heat 2) Humidity 3) Snowbirds 4) Tourists 5) Influx of Seniors 6) Heavy traffic 7) New condo construction 8) Palmetto bugs 9) flies and finally, 10) Mosquitoes. It would take up too much time and space to go into detail about each of them now, and so I will discuss them individually at some later date. For now, I’ll start with the last one, the mosquitoes. Continue reading

This Really Bugs Me

Flying-palmetto-bugThose of you, who have followed some of my blogs, might remember my telling you of ‘The Biting Squirrel Attack” that we experienced here not too long ago. It seems as though that is now a thing of the past but we now are faced with a different enemy or two. When it’s really hot we leave the sliding doors open to allow some of us to enter and exit the building. Along with us residents, we have also been welcoming some flies and mosquitoes into our dining room. To give you an idea, Continue reading

It is what it is

retire-earlyWhen I was younger, I looked forward to retirement. I just never expected that it would be like this. It seems as though it’s not the ‘peaches and cream’ that I thought it would be. I open my eyes in the morning and I suddenly realize that God has returned my soul to me. I stretch out my arms and if I don’t feel wood, I know I’m alive. I then start to move – at least some parts of me do. Everything seems to hurt and the parts that don’t hurt, don’t work anymore. When I suddenly realize that I don’t have to go to work and listen to a boss who is either yelling at me for something I had done or not done, or is trying to pump some blood into my veins with positive thinking, I smile at the thought that I don’t have to listen to that any more. I am also grateful that I won’t have to kiss some customer’s ass so that I can get an order and keep that boss of mine off my back. Continue reading

What’s Up Doc?

gpIf you can’t get rich being a doctor down here in Florida, then you wasted all those years going to college to become one. Getting a degree to become a doctor in Florida is like winning the lottery. New construction sites go up on an almost daily basis here and they are usually for 1) new housing developments, 2) shopping centers and 3) doctor’s offices. Around the middle of September, when the weather up north starts to get a bit chilly and elderly people start to wear Long Johns and Snuggies, the Metamucil migration begins. Doctors start to advertise for more nurses to cover their practice, like vultures during a feeding frenzy. Yet, it is very rare that you can get an appointment with any doctor before a week or two, unless you are willing to see his Physician’s Assistant. Continue reading

You Gotta Be In It To Win It

bingo-elderly-2Here in Florida, where there are more senior care facilities than there are hairs on your head, they all compete for your business once you reach retirement age. The way they do that is by telling you of the various amenities that their facility provides. Those facilities may include a swimming pool, (a MUST in this climate), either two or three meals a day, weekly housekeeping privileges, nightly entertainment, on site medical assistance, daily shuttle service into town and various daily activities. Those daily activities usually include games that do not require much physical activity, (remember we are talking elderly people here), such as Bean Bag baseball, Indoor Bocci Ball, Outdoor Horseshoe Pitching, (except during the hot summer months, when just holding a metal horseshoe might give you third degree burns), Board games like Checkers or Chess and any number of card games. The number one activity, of course, is Bingo which is scheduled on the nights when they don’t have an entertainer performing – usually 3 nights a week. The higher priced senior facilities can afford to bring in well known entertainers, while the less expensive facilities provide some local performers who are willing to play some music or sing a few songs for a smaller fee. Continue reading