Too Close For Comfort

funny-surgeonA short while ago, I was diagnosed as having a hernia. My Urologist recommended that I see a general surgeon, which I did. His diagnosis was that I should have it operated on in order to prevent complications in the future, which would cause a much more severe problem. Besides, he would make much more money performing an operation than he would from just a consultation with me. Makes sense to me! Continue reading


Sometimes I Wonder…

Image-3-Most-Important-Tips-for-First-Year-ResidentsI received a phone call from my doctor’s office yesterday advising me that my appointment for tomorrow has been cancelled and will have to be rescheduled. The reason given was that the doctor was ‘under the weather’. It struck me funny because in all the years that I have had doctor’s appointments, I don’t remember ever hearing that reason for cancellation. Usually, when an appointment has had to be changed, I’ve been told that it was because the ‘doctor had been called to an emergency’. For the first time, I realized that doctors are human too and they also get sick occasionally. My mind wandered to other people I go to for service and I wondered who takes care of them when they are needy? Continue reading

Ouch! That hurts!

docDown here in Florida, commonly referred to as the Metamucil capital of the world, there is an abundance of new housing developments, shopping centers, senior citizens and, of course, doctors. There are so many doctors here that I sometimes feel that the previous generation planted ‘doctor seeds’ here and now they have borne fruit. There are cardiologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists, and some doctors who even specialize in something called ‘pain management’. Continue reading

What’s Up Doc?

gpIf you can’t get rich being a doctor down here in Florida, then you wasted all those years going to college to become one. Getting a degree to become a doctor in Florida is like winning the lottery. New construction sites go up on an almost daily basis here and they are usually for 1) new housing developments, 2) shopping centers and 3) doctor’s offices. Around the middle of September, when the weather up north starts to get a bit chilly and elderly people start to wear Long Johns and Snuggies, the Metamucil migration begins. Doctors start to advertise for more nurses to cover their practice, like vultures during a feeding frenzy. Yet, it is very rare that you can get an appointment with any doctor before a week or two, unless you are willing to see his Physician’s Assistant. Continue reading