Time Waits For No One

timefliesAs the song goes, “Time waits for no one, it passes you by. It floats on forever, like clouds in the sky.”

In years gone by, time was only important to me when I had to go to a show that started at a certain time, or when I wanted to watch a TV program which was scheduled to start at a given time, or when I had to go to school or be at work at a particular time. Those are the times when my watch was very important to me. As I have gotten older, time became something that I would rather not pay attention to. Continue reading


A Word to the Wise

Generic 1960s pic of a father and son scene.Since the Good Lord has been kind enough to grant me long life, I feel it is my obligation to pass on to certain members of my family some of the wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. While my children (and my grandchildren) may know more about computers or how to program my VCR, I feel that I can still offer some worthwhile suggestions and advice on how they may avoid some of the pitfalls in life that may come their way in the future. Continue reading