Music makes the world go ‘round

oldmanlaughingWhenever seniors get together, you can almost bet that the discussions will include old movies, and old songs. Trying to remember the words to an old song is considered an accomplishment and anyone who still does, is considered a genius among his or her fellow seniors. A ‘biggie’ would be a song whose lyrics stump everyone and one that provides 3 or 4 different guesses as to what the right lyrics actually are. One such ‘biggie’ lately was “What is the next line to HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD? (If you want to know the answer, Google it) Continue reading

Live and Learn

Here in the Independent Living Facility in Florida, known as Sterling Court, there is no ‘reserved seating’ during mealtimes in our dining room. New residents are encouraged to sit at different tables from time to time, in order to become acquainted with other people and establish friendships. It’s a nice idea but, once you become attached to the people you seem to have most in common with, you tend to sit with those people all the time. Personally, as I have been circulating and becoming acquainted with people from different parts of the country and the world, I have learned many things from those people that I never knew before.

For example:
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It’s All In The Language

eating_lunchThe senior facility in Florida, where I am living, offers 3 meals a day. The breakfast meal is served at 8:00am and, because of the early hour, many of the residents would rather sleep late and less than half of them are in attendance. The lunch meal is scheduled for 12:30pm and is considered to be the primary meal of the day. Dinner is held at 5:30 and those of us who don’t mind having heartburn or indigestion from the lunch meal, come down to the dining room so that the Pepto-Bismol they bought at Walmart will not go to waste. There is no reserved seating and the newcomers are always invited to sit with different people during meals so that they can meet new friends. Once new friends have been established, those people will usually try to arrange to sit at the same table with each other during future mealtimes.

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Ya Gotta Dive Right In

man_in_poolWhen a person reaches retirement age and decides that he is going to move down to Florida to spend the rest of his years, he must first go down to look around for a place to live. Now, looking for a retirement community in Florida is like trying to single out a particular star up in heaven at night. The choices are endless. First, you have to decide on location. Is the facility near an airport, so that the kids will be able to fly in to visit? If there is no airport within 30 minutes, you don’t even look at it. Now, you look at the facility from the outside. Does it look rich enough so that when you send pictures to your friends back home, they will envy you while they are freezing their asses off in the winter time? Continue reading