So How Does It Feel?

ImNot80When you reach a milestone birthday, you can expect someone to ask you how it feels to reach that age. I remember reaching the age of 50 and I was first asked, “So, how does it feel to be 50?” I was asked the same question when I hit 60 and again when I reached 70, only the numbers were different. Now being 70 was no fun at all. At that age, you are expected to retire to a home in Florida and complain about your arthritis. You also ask everybody to stop mumbling because you can’t understand them. Actually, your hearing is about 50% gone. Continue reading


Time Waits For No One

AgingAs the years go by and the year I was born gets further and further away on the calendar, there were certain times when my age became more and more relevant to me. I vividly remember when I turned 50, and it suddenly dawned on me that I am now considered middle aged. Then 60 came along and I remember being excited at the thought that I could finally retire in only two more years and before I knew it, I was 62 and a full-fledged senior citizen. Continue reading

Some Random Thoughts

man-thinkingAs I was sitting out on my balcony the other day, taking in some fresh air, I began thinking of some ways that I could possibly solve some of the world’s problems. I thought of writing to Donald Trump to tell him that when he was President of his company, he could dictate whatever he wished to his employees and he could just fire them if they disobeyed his commands. However, the same thing does not apply to his being President of the United States.

Continue reading

Age is Only a Number

growing-older-2Living in a senior facility with other seniors, one gets a close up view of some of the ravages of advancing age. One that is quite obvious is the onset of arthritis. For those of you who are fortunate enough, (or young enough), to not know the effects of arthritis, I will explain. When you’re giving someone directions to go somewhere and you want to point your finger north but your finger has a mind of its own and points to southwest, you’ve got arthritis. Most certainly it is painful but not as painful as the visual effects of it. Continue reading

Let My People Go

mosquitoThose of you who are students of the Bible, will recall the story in the Old Testament of the Jews Exodus from Egypt and how Moses, (or was it Charlton Heston?), had warned the Pharaoh of the 10 plagues that the Lord would bring upon the Egyptians if he doesn’t ‘Let my people go’. Well, during the summer months here in Florida, we have our own set of plagues that are inflicted upon us – EVERY year. They are, (and not necessarily in this order), 1) Heat 2) Humidity 3) Snowbirds 4) Tourists 5) Influx of Seniors 6) Heavy traffic 7) New condo construction 8) Palmetto bugs 9) flies and finally, 10) Mosquitoes. It would take up too much time and space to go into detail about each of them now, and so I will discuss them individually at some later date. For now, I’ll start with the last one, the mosquitoes. Continue reading