As Sure as the Day is Long

age_progressionWhen one becomes a senior citizen and decides to retire here in Florida, one realizes that a normal progression will be following in the future. That progression will take you from living in your own home, to living in an independent living facility, or when necessary, moving into an assisted living facility and eventually into the dreaded nursing home. I use the word ‘dreaded’ because word has gotten around and experiences have shown that a nursing homes just doesn’t provide the care and the concern that the residents deserve and hope for. Pressing a ‘call’ button and having to wait a half hour or more for someone to answer it, or having to wait for an aid to clean you up after you couldn’t get to the bathroom on time and now have to lay in your own poop for any length of time is certainly not anything any of us look forward to. Those are just a couple of complaints that are issued every day by the poor souls who have the misfortune to live there. Now, I’d like to say something in defense of those nursing homes. After all, where else can one go at that age and suddenly inherit a new wardrobe? Let me explain! Continue reading


Play Ball!

stadiumHaving been born and raised and having spent most of my adult life in New York City, I am a big sports fan of most of the major NY sports teams, (the Yankees, Giants, Rangers and Knicks (but not the Mets or the Nets). I have always been a die hard Yankee fan and regularly wore a Yankee shirt, a Yankee Jacket, Yankee socks and, of course, a Yankee hat. I was so into the Yankees that, when I got older, the hat had to be surgically removed from my head. That’s when the surgeon noticed the interlocking NY tattooed on my forehead. Continue reading

In Case of Emergency…

firedrillOne day last week, here at Sterling Court, management scheduled a resident meeting with the local fire department, in order for them to go over safety rules in the event of a fire.

Now, I live in a 3 story building that houses about 140 apartments. We have one elevator for the entire building and it is a very small one. We don’t even have a freight elevator. With the many walkers and  Mobies that lots of the people here use in order to get around, you can just imagine how crowded the elevator gets at mealtimes, or how long one has to wait until you can even get on the elevator. Getting off the elevator presents an altogether different logistic problem and with the walkers and Mobies trying to maneuver in order to get to the door, it has also become an ‘accident waiting to happen’. Continue reading

Too Close For Comfort

funny-surgeonA short while ago, I was diagnosed as having a hernia. My Urologist recommended that I see a general surgeon, which I did. His diagnosis was that I should have it operated on in order to prevent complications in the future, which would cause a much more severe problem. Besides, he would make much more money performing an operation than he would from just a consultation with me. Makes sense to me! Continue reading

Time Waits For No One

timefliesAs the song goes, “Time waits for no one, it passes you by. It floats on forever, like clouds in the sky.”

In years gone by, time was only important to me when I had to go to a show that started at a certain time, or when I wanted to watch a TV program which was scheduled to start at a given time, or when I had to go to school or be at work at a particular time. Those are the times when my watch was very important to me. As I have gotten older, time became something that I would rather not pay attention to. Continue reading

How Men Think

howmenthinkAs I followed the news lately, I realized that a new word had entered our vocabulary and that word is ‘Dreamers’. I believe that it refers to children of immigrants who entered this country illegally many years ago. However, at the independent living facility where I live at the present time, it might also refer to the many men who are residents here. Maybe we can’t function as well as we used to years ago, but we can still dream. I’ll prove my point. Continue reading