Older and Wiser

CONFUSED_SeniorJust when you think that you’ve reached an age when there is nothing new for you to learn, you find yourself living in a senior care facility and you feel like you were back in school again. Here at Sterling Court, the facility where I am living at the present time in Florida, I get the opportunity to mingle with some of the retirees from time to time. During mealtimes, I get the opportunity to sit with a few of the intellectual residents and the discussions usually involve politics, weather, sports (among the men mostly), or health issues. Occasionally, we play some trivia games while waiting for our food to arrive. If you think that some of the questions are off the wall, you should hear some of the answers. Continue reading


Ouch! That hurts!

docDown here in Florida, commonly referred to as the Metamucil capital of the world, there is an abundance of new housing developments, shopping centers, senior citizens and, of course, doctors. There are so many doctors here that I sometimes feel that the previous generation planted ‘doctor seeds’ here and now they have borne fruit. There are cardiologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, pulmonologists, endocrinologists, and some doctors who even specialize in something called ‘pain management’. Continue reading

A one and a two…

oldcarradioWhen I was younger and I would be in my car, I would turn on the radio and listen to the music. I used to love to sing along with the top hits of the day. Not today though – who can understand the words of today’s songs? What happened to the songs of my youth, wonderful songs that we sang along with? Songs like, (come on folks, read them slowly and sing along), CHICKERY CHICK, CHA LA CHA LA, CHECKER LA ROMAYA IN A BANANAKA BALLA KAWALLAKA CAN’T YOU SEE, CHICKERY CHICK IS ME. How about MAIRZY DOATS AND DOZEY DOATS AND LITTLE LAMBSEE DIVEY, A KIDELLEE DIVEY TOO, WOULDN’T YOU? Now that’s music. Continue reading

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

burial-options-headerLiving in a retirement community down here in Florida, doesn’t stop me from facing reality every so often and the reality of the situation is that “I am closer to the end than to the beginning.” No decent parent wants to be a burden to his or her children in life and certainly not after death and so I have made arrangements for my funeral expenses to be prepaid and my body to be shipped back up north for burial. In that way, the decisions that my children will have to make, will be held to a minimum. Now comes the tough part – where up north do we ship Dad? Continue reading

A Genius I’m Not

albert-einsteinIf one is fortunate enough to reach the ages of 60, 70, and 80 or beyond, even if he was not paying any attention to life all around him, he should have learned SOMETHING. While I may not have learned all the things I should have learned, I have come away with other things that have shaped some of my opinions of life. I have also had questions about some things – things that may never have an answer. Continue reading

You Won’t Know Until…

lonelyAs a child, you never know what your parents go through in raising you until you become a parent yourself. The same can be said about becoming a senior citizen. One never knows what you go through until you become a senior citizen yourself. I remember visiting my mother and my mother in law when they were living in nursing homes. I visited them once or twice a week and I felt that I was being a good son and son in law. Continue reading