You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

Pain-featured-image-0000When I was much younger, there was a phrase which stated, “Only two things are inevitable – death and taxes”. While I do know that there have been some people who have been able to cheat on paying their taxes, I know of no one who has ever been able to cheat Father Time. Yes, death is inevitable but I now believe that there is also one other thing that can be added to that short list of guarantees – PAIN. If one is fortunate enough to live to a ripe old age, then he or she will undoubtedly suffer pain, whether it be emotional or physical. Time may dilute emotional pains but the physical ones never seem to become extinct. Age seems to attract arthritis or neuropathy or sciatica or any number of other painful diseases. When I asked my doctor if there was any known cure for any of those sicknesses, his answer was plain and simple. He said, “As of today, there is no known cure – only treatment”. Maybe medical science might find a CURE one day in the future but right now, the pharmaceutical companies hold all the cards. How’s that for a kick in the head?

 In the senior independent living facility where I reside at the present time, we have a saying that goes, “It’s a good day when the ambulance comes to us only once.” One day last week, one of the residents fell down a small flight of stairs. When the ambulance came to check on him he was sitting on the floor at the base of the stairway and laughing. When they asked him what was so funny, he answered, ”I fell down the stairs but I just realized that it was the fastest I’ve moved in years.”

One of the women here who has fallen a number of times, told us that she leaves M&M’s all over the floor now so that she will have something to snack on while waiting for the ambulance to come to pick her up. She even falls when she is going UP the stairs. She claims that she loses her balance but after speaking to her for awhile, you realize that she had lost her balance a long time ago, (if you catch my drift.)

I’ve come to the conclusion that the ointments being sold in the pharmacies to alleviate pain should not be labeled “Pain Killers”. They do not KILL the pain. They just stop you from complaining about it for a little while. Believe me though, they are there, lurking in the shadows of your x-rays and waiting to come out. It gives us something to talk about when our children come to visit or when they call us on the phone and ask, “How are you feeling, Dad?”


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