This Really Bugs Me

Flying-palmetto-bugThose of you, who have followed some of my blogs, might remember my telling you of ‘The Biting Squirrel Attack” that we experienced here not too long ago. It seems as though that is now a thing of the past but we now are faced with a different enemy or two. When it’s really hot we leave the sliding doors open to allow some of us to enter and exit the building. Along with us residents, we have also been welcoming some flies and mosquitoes into our dining room. To give you an idea, at lunch time yesterday, I noticed some new resident waving to me from across the dining room. I looked back at him and shrugged my shoulders to let him know that I didn’t quite understand what it was that he was trying to tell me and I motioned to him that I would see him after lunch for an explanation. Well, when I finished my meal, I went over to his table to ask him why he was waving at me. He proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t waving at all – he was just shooing away some flies.

Of course, being that Florida has more than its share of greenery, there is good chance that, if you are here for any length of time, you will encounter an evil looking insect known to Floridians as a ‘Palmetto Bug’. Where I come from, we called them ‘Giant Cockroaches’. They are fat, they are ugly and when you try to catch one, you’d swear that they could be entered into the Daytona 500. If you are quick enough and kill one by stepping on it, a native Floridian who happened to see you do it will always exclaim, “Ooh, you killed him”. They’re not an endangered species, you idiot. The trouble is though, when you kill one, 50 others evidently come to the funeral.

In short, it ‘bugs’ the hell out of me but it still beats being bitten by those hungry squirrels. As for the mosquitoes, that’s a blood sucking story for another time. Stay tuned.


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