It Makes You Think

puzzledEvery so often, to cure our monotony and to keep our brains functioning properly, someone comes up with a good riddle. Some of them are downright silly and a bit childish but some of them are really tricky. If we find one that is also humorous, we’ve got a winner. Such was the case a little while ago when one of the men at my table threw one at us. This was his riddle:

MAN: “If you had two cups of coffee, and you had 17 lumps of sugar, how would you divide the sugar so that each cup would get an odd amount of sugar? You cannot break the lumps or dissolve them and you must use all 17 lumps.”

After much discussion at the table and many different wrong answers, we all gave up.

MAN: “You put 3 lumps into one cup and 14 lumps into the other.”

TABLE: “Wait a second, you said that both cups had to have an odd amount and 14 is not an odd amount.”

MAN: “You don’t think that 14 lumps of sugar in one cup of coffee is odd?”

After a couple of us threw some sugar packets that were on the table at him while the others just booed him, we all had a good laugh. I hate to admit it, but he was right. Sometimes, you’ve just got to step out of the box.


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